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What it is we do

What all companies within Bunzl have in common is their business model. A model based on sourcing, consolidation and delivery of any not for resale item you could need to open your business each day.  Anything you need to do business but that does not have a price tag. We make sure you have it available at the right place at the right time. We are in the middle of the whole supply chain from ground product and production to delivery to the end-user.




But we offer more than supply chain services. With over 150 years of entrepreneurship, 20.000 colleagues worldwide and hubs on 5 continents we are on the top of the (ice) berg of knowledge. And of course, we are more than happy to share this knowledge with you. Tag along and learn more about our business model and the value we add for you.


Our process sarts with responsible, worldwide sourcing. Operating in 5 continents and with a quality office in Shanghai we always know what is playing and are informed on the latest innovations. That means you can expect us to surprise you with new products or improved production processes. Sustainability is a priority at Bunzl and our producers and suppliers are well aware of this too. They sign a  Code of Conduct to which they agree to comply and guarantee no human or child rights are violated.  But also that they are obliged to make sure their emloyees work in healthy and safe environment, are paid at least the local minimum wage and get enough resting hours. Of course, child labour is an abslute no go.

Our employees are the most important link in noticing any breaches to the code of conduct. Therefor they are trained on the contents of our code of conduct upon commencement of employment and regularly thereafter. To our employees the code of conduct is guideline for ethical behavior and professional acting, and with that leading in all cooperation's, especially with suppliers.

Additionally we carry out audits and review with our suppliers. We do so at the start of any collaboration and every 2 years after, unless of course, there is a suspicion of breach making an extra check needed. These audits and reviews take place during regular opening hours and the supplier is obliged to grant access to their accounting books and documentation.  Suppliers who do not meet the standards get the opportunity to make changes within a reasonable timeline. When a supplier still does not meet our standards by then, or when unacceptable practices are determined during an audit or review, or when a supplier does not take enough efforts in solving the breach, we have the right to take appropriate measures. Appropriate measures can be a stop to all orders, reducing the orders, cancelation of orders or determinate the business relation. Of course, we will make sure production orders will be placed elsewhere.

Only with these measures you are ensured of responsibly sourced products.

The complete Code of Conduct is available via https://www.bunzl.com/sustainability/policies.aspx
This Code of Conduct complies also with the Statement of Human Rights (United Nations), and to local law and legislation


Consolidation offers multiple benefits. Beginning with simplifying your supplier management, managing 1 supplier is by far easier then managing 10. Your agreements are clear, your direct point of contact is clear and you can build a relationship in which your supplier can truly know your needs and act on them. Keeping focus and gaining personalized service. Receiving proactive advice or support on that important deadline or budget task. A supplier who proactively helps you succeed in your job.

Consolidation offers not only ease but major costs savings as well. For instance, an assortment rationalization is a low hanging fruit when it comes to costs. Product that are purchased that vary only minimal, products on your shelves that do not sell any more and products that have better price-quality ration then you are buying now.

Not be underestimated is the effect of consoldation to the environment. More products in 1 order at 1 partner who has an eye for efficiency and sustainable shipping, saves out many rides!


From loose packages to full container loads, locally or internationally, Bunzl delivers where you want it on a time you need it. To your warehouse, on cross dock, in store or on the shelve in the pantry all of it is possible.

Of course, we take care of your import and export paper work, we ship as efficient as possible and make sure everything is insured while under way.

Added value services

Added value services, or in other words: the extra's. Besides the immense experience we have and the expertise we have in each of the markets we operate in the added value is of course in how we use all of this and in which we take an extra effort for you. The how differs per company. Not one market or customer is the same and we are keen on delivering made to measure service at Bunzl. But all of our companies are loaded with entrepreneurial spirit and are continuously developing to make sure not only your need for today is flawlessly fulfilled but your need of tomorrow is as well.

We love to share our knowledge, whether it is product information, knowledge about production, law and legislation or sustainability.  You may expect us to be up to date and us informing you proactively. With that we will tell you the honest story and leave the choice up to you.  We make sure you'll have all the information needed to make a decission that fits you, your organisation and its goals.

We are used to think outside of the box. Meaning our service does not end with our own assortment or our own services. With a network like ours we are able to push the boundaries in any direction. Vertically or horizontally in the chain. Whether it is about a product outside of our current assortment or helping you in making your organization circular, we are happy to help.

When you choose Bunzl you choose security. We are a solid organization and our position on the FTSE 100 list guarantees we get our affairs in order. The bar is high.

Our values


Customer centric