We are Bunzl

Bunzl at glance

Bunzl is a very successful international outsourcing and distribution company with operations in Europe, North-America, South-America, Asia and Australia. Bunzl supports clients around the globe with a enormous variety in products which are of essence to the success of their daily operation: goods not for resale. We are active within 6 different markets, namely grocery, foodservice, safety, retail, cleaning & hygiene and health. Within these markets we support customers not only with their daily essentials but by sourcing, consolidating and delivering these noncommercial goods. During this process we add value by services such as assortment rationalization, storage, sustainability scans, business intelligence and the proactive insert and sharing of our market and product expertise.

Bunzl is FTSE100 listed company and is on the FTSE4Good Index . We are also registered at the Ethibel Excellence register. Besides autonomous growth, Bunzl grows by acquiring healthy and growing companies. Companies that keep their identity and ideally, their business operations after the acquisition. The acquisition by Bunzl offers them extra capability and the possibility to invest and develop, guaranteeing their growth. Amongst one another the operating companies share expertise and experience and join forces wherever it adds value for the customer.

Bunzl Netherlands

With 10 Dutch company brands we have over 600 colleagues. Access to over 600 unique human beings each with their own expertise, drive, creativity and unique view on the world and 'the business'. By bringing these people together we share an endless amount of knowledge, inspire eachother and cooperations emerge where our customers too benefit from. An absolute win-win!

Sustainability first

At Bunzl we value humanity and the earth highly. Sustainability as a topic is indispensable then and therefor an important topic in our daily business. .
Because of our centralized position in the chain we can have a major impact within the whole process, from production to disposal. A position we use for good by bringing parties together and inform everyone on sustainability; we can help you decide on you sustainable strategy, share the latest law and regulations, execute assortment and sustainability scans and of course, offer sustainable products.

Want to learn more on sustainability at Bunzl? Take a look at Believe.nl,  the website on our sustainability policy.

Our values


Customer centric











Roots in Bratislava

Although the company now known as Bunzl plc was not established until 1940, its origin dates back to 1854 when Moritz Bunzl registered his haberdashery store in  Bratislava, the current capital of Slowakia. It was named Emanuel Biach's Eidam. Over 150 years of entrepreneurialship brought us to our current market position.


Bunzl has proven its responsiveness, therefor it is one of the core values to the business. Our responsiveness helped us though multiple wars and crisis'. Bunzl keeps adapting to the situation and the future.